What Size Dog Bed for Bull Terrier

Nicknamed “the kid in a dog suit,” the Bull Terrier is playful and endearing, sometimes stubborn, but always devoted. The breed’s hallmark is a long, egg-shaped head with erect and pointed ears, and small, triangular eyes that glisten with good humor. They are robust, big-boned terriers who move with a jaunty stride suggesting agility and power.

Bull Terriers have larger-than-life personalities that range from intelligent and innovative to placid and loyal. Whether it’s an apartment or a spacious house, Bull Terriers can easily adjust to the environment. Because they have high energy and intensity, Bull Terriers need plenty of exercise and vigorous playtime.

They thrive in active households, making them ideal companions for people who enjoy outdoor activities or regular exercise. Therefore, after a day of companionship and play, it will want to lie down on a bed that it feels comfortable to rest to restore energy so that it can greet you better the next day. These energetic dogs have some unique considerations when selecting the right dog bed size.

Factors to consider:

Size and weight:

Males Height – 21-22 inches (53-56 cm) at the withers, Weight – 55-65 pounds (25-29 kg); Females Height – 20-21 inches (51-53 cm) at the withers, Weight – 45-55 pounds (20-25 kg)

As puppies from 10-24 weeks old, Bull Terriers do best with a small or medium-sized bed around 20 x 30 inches. But they grow rapidly during adolescence, so by 6-12 months they need a large 30 x 40 inch bed to fit their adult frame.

Proper bed size prevents joint pain. Oversized beds allow Bull Terriers to sprawl and sleep in positions like hanging their legs over the side, causing hip dysplasia or arthritis. Undersized beds force these muscular dogs to curl into unnatural postures, cramping their hips, knees, and back. Choosing the right size bed helps Bull Terriers get the deep, comfortable sleep they need after lots of daily activity.

Sleeping position:

Bull Terriers sleep deeply around 14 hours per day. Though medium-sized, these muscular dogs take up a lot of space when sleeping. They prefer to fully stretch out and often sleep on their backs or sides with their legs extended. The Bull Terrier’s sideways sleeping posture also requires a high-walled bed for optimal support. Their limbs can dangle over low bed walls, causing hip strain. High bolstered rims on orthopedic beds keep the Bull Terrier properly aligned.

Though energetic as puppies, Bull Terriers mellow into couch potatoes in adulthood. Though they primarily sleep on their back and side, they may also briefly curl up in a ball. Even within the sideways sleeping position, Bull Terriers may lean more toward stomach or back sleeping. So their bed should accommodate both stretched out and balled up sleeping postures.

Materials and durability:

Given their boisterous spirit and tendency to play rough, chew proof bed covers are a wise investment. As muscular dogs that love to play rough, chew-proof and waterproof bed materials are a must.

Given their muscular build, Bull Terriers do best with robustly constructed frames. Steel tubing and reinforced corner joints prevent wobbling, warping, or breakage. Canvas is one of the toughest fabrics for Bull Terrier beds. It resists chewing, scratching, and digging better than soft fabrics like microsuede. Heavy-duty canvas stands up well to puppies and rambunctious adults alike. It also keeps its structure over years of hard use.

Ballistic nylon rivals canvas for durability. This tough, densely woven nylon prevents damage from determined chewers. It is also abrasion-resistant for rambunctious pups who tend to jump on and off their beds.


Bull Terriers tend to sleep hot, their short coat gives them a low tolerance for heat, so cooling gel memory foam beds keep them comfortable in summer. Cooling gel foam and breathable covers keep Bull Terriers relaxed rather than restless in hot weather. In winter they appreciate flannel covers to retain warmth.

For extra weather protection, choosing an elevated cot bed frame is ideal. This lifts the Bull Terrier’s bed off the ground away from dirt, moisture, and bugs. Breathable mesh fabric allows air circulation underneath.

For senior Bull Terriers, they need a bed that can ease the pain in their bones and joints while sleeping, orthopedic memory foam beds provide cushioning for aging joints. Without considering this feature, your pet may suffer pressure from hard surfaces where they usually sleep. This can cause painful joints, body aches, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.

Surface material:

Their exuberant personality also means Bull Terriers sometimes track in mud or dirt, so machine-washable covers simplify cleaning. In rainy or snowy weather, a waterproof cover protects their bed indoors and out. The bed covers should be made of waterproof and easy to wash fabrics for ease of maintenance.

Regular cleaning is a must with such an energetic breed. Do not settle for a cheap and replaceable bed for your Bull Terrier.


In conclusion, selecting the proper bed size is critical for a Bull Terrier’s overall comfort and health. Their medium but stocky build needs ample cushioning for restful sleep. As energetic dogs prone to hip and joint problems, they require precise fit to prevent awkward positions that strain the body.

With the proper bed size, Bull Terriers will enjoy years of uninterrupted slumber. Their beds need to flex and cushion their sturdy bodies across every life stage. Personalized beds enhance quality of life for both dog and owner.

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