What size dog bed for belgian malinois?

The alert, lively Belgian Malinois has been hard at work for centuries, originally as a sheepdog in Belgium. They are primarily used as a working dog due to their high energy level, strength, and aptitude for learning. Belgian Malinois are tireless and focused when there’s a job to do or a frisbee to catch, and affectionate and loyal at the homestead.

Well muscled and athletic, Belgian Malinois are best suited to very active owners who are happy taking them for frequent runs and long hikes. Considering their activity level and size, it is essential to provide them with an appropriate dog bed that meets their specific needs at different life stages.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Bed for Belgian Malinois:

Size and Weight:

Male Belgian Malinois typically stand around 24 to 26 inches (61-66 cm) at the shoulder and weigh between 60 to 80 pounds (27-36 kg), while females are slightly smaller, standing 22 to 24 inches (56-61 cm) and weighing 40 to 60 pounds (18-27 kg). Therefore, when buying a bed for the puppy and adult, the length and width of the bed should be 28 inches x 42 inches and 34 inches x 54 inches.

Moreover, as the dog grows, beds should be made of high-density foam to avoid any joint, back, or hip problems. Check the weight capacity of the dog bed to ensure it can support your Belgian Malinois comfortably. Select a bed with a weight limit slightly higher than your dog’s weight to accommodate any potential growth or fluctuations.

Sleeping Habits:

Belgian Malinois, like most dogs, are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. Understanding their preferred sleeping habits can help provide them with a comfortable rest space that suits their needs. On average, adult Belgian Malinois sleep around 12 to 14 hours per day. However, the actual sleeping hours may vary based on factors such as age, activity level, and the environment they are in.

Belgian Malinois may have various sleeping positions, and their choice often depends on their comfort level and the surrounding environment. Some common sleeping positions include:

  • Curling Up: Like many dogs, Belgian Malinois often curl up into a ball while sleeping. This position helps conserve body heat and gives them a sense of security.
  • Belly Up: When they feel completely at ease in their surroundings, they might sleep on their backs with their belly exposed. This vulnerable position indicates a high level of trust and comfort.
  • On the Side: Belgian Malinois may also sleep on their side, especially during warm weather, to stay cool and relaxed.
  • Sprawled Out: At times, they may sprawl out on their stomach or side, with legs extended, indicating a deep level of relaxation and contentment.
  • Head on Paws: This position is common during shorter naps, where they rest their head on their paws while lying down.

Bed Material/Comfort:

During the puppy stage, Belgian Malinois are small and delicate, requiring a bed that provides ample support for their growing bodies. A bed with raised sides or bolsters can make them feel secure and cozy, simulating the feeling of being with their littermates. Ensure that the bed is made of durable materials that can withstand their teething phase and potential accidents.

When dealing with larger breeds, you have to consider what materials will last the longest. The microfiber dog beds are rip-resistant, which allow your Belgian Malinois to dig into a comfortable position. With the elevated cot style beds, the polyester material is durable and will keep your pet safely off the ground. The steel frame, which is foldable, is an easy option if you need to transport your pet’s bed.

As Belgian Malinois reach their senior years, their activity level may decrease, and they may experience joint problems or arthritis. Consider an extra-large orthopedic bed with memory foam that provides superior support to alleviate any discomfort. High-quality beds with therapeutic properties can help ease any pain and ensure a good night’s sleep for your senior companion.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Dog bed cleaning is of utmost importance for Belgian Malinois, as it directly affects their health, hygiene, and overall well-being. As highly active and energetic dogs, Belgian Malinois tend to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, which means they bring dirt, debris, and potentially harmful substances into their sleeping area.

Regular and proper cleaning of their dog bed is essential to ensure a safe and comfortable resting space for these loyal companions. Here’s why dog bed cleaning is crucial for Belgian Malinois. Therefore, beds with easily washable covers made of hypoallergenic materials are preferable.


Selecting an appropriate dog bed size is crucial for the overall comfort and health of Belgian Malinois at different life stages. When considering bed size and weight, sleeping positions, bed materials and comfort, owners can ensure that their dogs have a cozy and sound sleep. Investing in a high-quality bed for your Belgian Malinois will provide them with a comfortable and conducive sleeping environment, ensuring they rest adequately and wake up rejuvenated, promoting their overall happiness and health.

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