What Size Dog Bed for a Pug?

The pug is a small toy dog breed from China with a short, smooth coat that can come in black or fawn, a short snout, wrinkled face, and curled tail. They are sturdy little dogs that pack in a lot of personality. Pugs are typically sweet and good-natured, but they have some spunk in them, too. They can adapt to many different living situations, though they prefer climates that aren’t very hot or cold. The even-tempered demeanor of this breed makes it a good dog for families with kids.

Pug’s sleep is essential for his comfort, behavior, and even health. Yes, there are even some health problems your pooch might get from sleep deprivation! If they don’t get enough sleep, they can become anxious and they’ll get tired more easily – and you know that when you have a brachycephalic dog, you want to do all you can to ensure he doesn’t get tired too fast.

Factors to Consider:

Size and Weight:

Pugs are classified as a toy breed, meaning they typically weigh under 20 pounds and stand around 10-14 inches tall. Male pugs are slightly larger than females. As puppies, pugs weigh just 2-5 pounds. By adulthood, male pugs weigh 14-18 pounds while females are 10-14 pounds.

During the puppy stage, a smaller bed should be chosen to provide a cozy and secure sleeping space. As they enter adulthood, the bed size should be adjusted to accommodate their larger size. For puppies, a small dog bed around 20 inches long and 15 inches wide is ideal. This gives them room to stretch out and roll around. A soft plush bed is recommended since pug puppies have delicate joints and bones that need cushioning.

As pugs grow into adulthood, their beds should increase in size accordingly. Adult pugs need a minimum of a 24-inch long by 18-inch wide dog bed. Beds 30 inches long give pugs room to fully stretch out. For optimal orthopedic support, the bed should transition from plush to firm as the pug matures. Firm support properly aligns the back, hips, and joints. Plush beds for adult pugs can allow sinking that misaligns these sensitive areas.

Sleeping Habits:

Pugs generally sleep for around 14-16 hours a day, which is quite a lot compared to other dog breeds. Pugs tend to sleep in a curled up ball with their long bodies wrapped around themselves. Even though they are compact, their preferred sleeping position still requires adequate space so they don’t hang off the edges.

Their curled shape also means they don’t need the same bed length as other dogs their weight. But adequate width is essential for them to comfortably bundle up. Pugs also tend to snore, so a comfortable and supportive bed is essential to provide them with quality sleep.

Material and Durability:

When considering pug bed size, it is also important to pay attention to the material of the dog bed. Pugs are inside dogs not meant for intense outdoor activities. But they are moderately active and playful inside the home.

As a sturdy small breed, pugs do well with beds made from durable microsuede or oxford fabrics. These materials can withstand daily use and any roughhousing or digging from a pug. The bed should also have a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding on hardwood or tile floors during play.

As a toy dog, Pugs can suffer from several health issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, and having a supportive bed to sleep in can help with that discomfort.Beds with orthopedic cushioning (memory foam) can be an extra bonus to help distribute body weight to ensure their hips don’t take the brunt of their weight.


Temperature is another consideration for pug beds. With their short muzzles, pugs are prone to overheating and struggle cooling themselves down. Pugs have a tendency to snort or snore while they sleep and having the right pug bed can provide less strain on their breathing passages.

Getting a bed that allows your pug to stretch his neck can help with opening the airways and decrease snoring. During summer, materials like breathable mesh or elevated beds are suitable as they offer good ventilation. In the winter, cushy pillow beds with thick walls provide insulation against the cold.

Since Pugs have terrible breathing issues, getting a hypoallergenic bed can help with sneezing fits caused by allergies. Some bedding materials hold onto lots of dust and hair that can really aggravate any allergies your dog may have. If you get one with hypoallergenic material, your Pug will be able to breathe easier when they sleep.

Surface Material:

A good dog bed should also be fairly easy to clean, or even be entirely water-resistant. Such options are especially important for Pug puppies or senior dogs, as accidents are fairly prone with them.

Also, Pugs tend to drool, and having a dog bed you don’t have to clean every few days is probably one of the things you can do to ensure your life as a Pug owner is a bit more straightforward.

Not to mention that the best dog beds for Pugs should have a removable top cover. This will help you keep your dog’s bed clean, which will also help reduce allergies.

Many good dog beds are machine-washable, so you can simply put them in a washing machine and let it do the dirty work. If anything, the top layer of the bed should be removable, allowing you to clean it up easily.


Choosing the right size dog bed is crucial for the overall comfort and health of Pugs in different age groups and sizes. Factors to consider include size and weight, sleeping habits, durability, and comfort. Keeping these breed-specific factors in mind allows pug owners to choose a bed their dog can enjoy snoozing in for years to come.

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