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Quality in today's market is no longer the main factor in deciding what you choose. Our strength lies in selecting the most suitable styles according to the market demand.


We specialize in providing pet car seats, pet mattresses, pet clothes, and other OEM and OED businesses.


We had Thirteen years of experience in the industry. Through continuous R&D and design, we protect the rights and interests of OEM/ODM customers and agents.

How to Custom Your Pet Products

1. Communicate and confirm your design and needs

You can choose various latest designs from the product catalog we provide, and you can also send us your own designs or ideas.

2. production sample

After confirming the product specifications and product quotations you need, we will start to produce samples and take samples for your approval.

3. Formally produce products according to order requirements

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4. Package the product and ship it via your requested logistics method

20 years of industry production experience gives us the confidence and strength to ensure that your order can be completed quickly with qualified quality standards


The CPCPET brand was born in 2020. CPCPET is a young team based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, and has been dedicated to creating the most popular products in the pet industry since its inception. CPCPET’s partner factories have over 20 years of OEM/ODM experience, with a production line of over 300 employees, supplying a wide range of international brands.


A variety of colours are available to meet your customers’ various colour preferences.


Highly elastic cotton filling ensures that every pet can enjoy it.


It can be either a pet mat or a bed, depending on the pet’s preference.


As long as it is cleaned properly you don’t need to replace it as often.

Voice of the Customer

There are many pet mattress products in the market, we asked for samples of different manufacturers' products at the same time, CPCPET's product design is innovative, fine workmanship, do all our product testing process, the performance of the best results. The sales results in the U.S. were exactly what we had expected. We are very glad to find CPCPET's pet mattress products.
US Agent
We met CPCPET at a pet exhibition in Europe, and the design of both the exhibition hall and the style of the products was very different. Like their corporate director, I am first a pet lover and then an entrepreneur. I firmly believe that entrepreneurs who are enthusiasts are the ones who can produce good pet products.
Spanish agent
The aesthetics of Europe is different from the rest of the world. When we were shopping for pet mattresses, we felt that CPCPETs pet mattresses have a novel design, and after we looked at their products, we felt that we could directly make a label. There is no need to make any modification, and we are very impressed that they can have such a good product design.
Italian Agent
As an emerging market with the 4th largest population in the world, Indonesia's consumer market has a tendency to upgrade, and our first criterion in choosing products is good value for money, not the pursuit of cost performance.
Indonesia Agent

Why Choose CPCPET ?

From the foundry to the official establishment of a professional pet product company, from design to mass production, we provide one-stop custom manufacturing services for all kinds of pet products. With the unremitting efforts of our production team, design team and sales team, it is believed that we are the most professional pet products manufacturer in China that you can find.

From styles to materials to finished products, we’ll do it all for you. Convert your rich imagination/persona/brand logo of your product into images. Or share your fantastic ideas with us, we can design for you.

We have professional docking personnel to communicate and understand the design ideas you need, and a production line with more than 300 employees and a production capacity of 300,000 pieces/month.

An efficient team controls your order, conducts final inspection for each order according to AQL2.5/4.0, 100% inspects one by one before packing, and tracks the shipment of goods at any time after delivery.

Let Us Know Your Needs

If you are interested in our selection of products and would like us to do our part for your business please contact us today.

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Let Us Know Your Needs

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