CPCPET’s purpose:
For all over the world love pets people to provide the most comfortable,the most professional pet product.Providing fast and efficient one-stop solutions to business partners.

CPCPET Advantages

Our Partner Can Always Count On Us

We have chosen a new path in an era of intense homogenisation throughout business. If you are interested we would be happy to help you with your business.

Pet Shops

CPCPET has its pet shop. Every product sold will be given priority to pets to use first, through 6 months of observation, to confirm whether they like it or not, and then to confirm whether this is a quality product.


Selection is CPCPET's greatest strength compared to other manufacturers. We prefer to provide our partners with "hot" products. We believe in "long-termism" and want to work with our partners for a long time.

Supply Chain

CPCPET has a complete supply chain to deliver within the time requested by the customer and control costs while ensuring quality.

Data Analysts

In contrast to other manufacturers, CPCPET has a team of data analysts whose sole objective is to find better quality, better-selling products for our partners.


The CPCPET brand was born in 2020. CPCPET is a young team based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, and has been dedicated to creating the most popular products in the pet industry since its inception. CPCPET’s partner factories have over 20 years of OEM/ODM experience, with a production line of over 300 employees, supplying a wide range of international brands.

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